women clogs

Women Clogs

The world that we know today is inching closer to slow fashion, with mass audiences educating themselves about minimalism. We are more prominently looking towards a generation of fashion lovers investing in functional pieces of footwear. With these cultural renovations, we have finally come to the point that we do not hop on to every other trend but instead look for creative styling outlets that would let you utilize footwear pieces that you already own, like women’s clogs, platform sandals, or sneakers. In this article, we will be focusing on women clogs and why they are the perfect pair of footwear for monsoon. 


Sustainable Choice: These shoes are a comfortable and sustainable choice. The women clogs are made out of croslite material, which is not even plastic nor rubber but comparatively an eco-friendly material. Many individuals who are mindful of the carbon footprint we humans leave behind choose these types of shoes made from bio-based material. It is perfect for monsoon as the properties of the material prevent any fungal or bacterial infection and does not release any odour.


Built of the Shoe: The overall build of the footwear is as such that it is much airier and would not let the rainwater be trapped in the shoe. This, in return, provides your skin from getting any sort of infection. In addition, the women’s clogs majorly have flat heels and chunky soles, making them fit the criteria for the current footwear trend. These chunky soles give your heel the right support so that you can easily use them on slippery monsoon roads.


Prints and Colours: Just because your footwear options are limited in the monsoon season does not mean that you overlook the styling quotient. This trendy footwear has been favourite for all of us. Right from getting them in cool prints for adding a statement piece to your look to quirky colours that will elevate any basic look, the women clogs have got you covered. You can easily create an outfit from scratch with these funky options of clogs. 


Durability for the Footwear:  The clogs will last longer than any ordinary flip-flops or shoes that you choose as your monsoon wear, even with rough usage. A pair of clogs or crocs can last for 2 to 3 monsoons. In addition, the build of the shoe is so strong that it stays in good shape no matter how much you use it. So even if you use them on a daily basis, these rain-friendly shoes will not go bad easily. 


Less Maintainance: Unlike other footwear options, you do not have to pay much attention or put additional effort into the maintenance of these shoes. In monsoon, you just need to remove the mud that sticks to the shoe because, in the long run, it will cause stains and affect the original colour and print of the shoe. Just wiping it with a damp cloth is enough, and these shoes are washable too. Stay tuned with fashiontalkz