We all love wearing and flaunting luxurious clothing. But, of course, all of us cannot afford the expensive dress designers. So, we are left with the possibility of designing our own clothes or getting the stitched suits from the stores. Nowadays, Thanks to the latest social media fever, you get lots of fashion influences inspiring you about the different ways you can style various clothing. Even when we talk about the ethnic style of clothing, you can style and design them in traditional and exclusive ways by getting some inspiration from the top fashion influencers and models. And if you are searching for some references on this part, then keep reading.



 How to Style Ethnic Suits in the Right Way-Inspired by Popular Fashion Influencers


  • Choose your fabric wisely like Komal Pandey Official –If you are a true fashion freak, you might be following Komal Pandey official on social media. She has a quirky sense of fashion and likes to flaunt her ethnic wear in different ways. If you study her style closely, you’ll find that the fabric or dress material she uses for designing her sarees, dupatta, and other ethnic wear totally fits her look. That shows us how the proper selection of fabric plays a vital role in designing your ethnic wear or getting stitched suits from any store. 


  • Be specific about prints and colours like Akansha Redhu– You can get a lot of inspiration from Akansha Redhu on how to style elegant ethnic wear and yet keep it simple. She flaunts some tips that are easy to follow, and you can definitely pick a lot from her while designing your ethnic group. But, one important thing is that you be very specific about the prints and colours you choose for your ethnic wear. No matter what style you want to wear, if the prints and colours don’t compliment each other, you are going to create a blunder in the end.




  • Pay close attention to fits like the That Boho Girl –Kritika Khurana or That Boho Girl, which shows you how to blend different styles that are already lying in your wardrobe and create new ethnic wear with them. But as you design your new ethnic attires, don’t forget to get the fit right. Lose and bumpy clothes, even though designed carefully, aren’t going to give you a unified look. And if you are getting the stitched suits online, ensure to read the size chart carefully before picking your fit. 


  • Play with layers like Juhi Godambe – Juhi Godambe is another famous fashion influencer who’s an expert in designing and styling ethnic clothes in unique ways. So, let’s talk about how well she plays with different layers of fabric to create a charming design in the end. Get inspired by her style while you get stitched clothes online, or try designing one yourself to look fabulous.


Styling ethnic suits require more than just the casual fashion sense. It is more about mixing and matching complementing styles while keeping the above-listed tips in mind. After that, you’re sure to ace your ethnic look just like your favourite fashion influencers do. Stay tuned with Fashiontalkz