Best Tanning Lotion Body Lotion In India

Hello!! Beauties, As you know the summer season is good for spending time at the beach, doing watersports, or simply chilling with friends, but sun for too long can be a risky affair for your skin just like body tanning, sunburn, dull skin, ruff and dry that why you need to extra care for your skin and body. As you know sun-kissed glow for extra confidence in your beach and watersports clothes and the best self-tanning lotion can give you the best result for your skin. It is a safe alternative to flaunt that back from the beach tanned glow without risking UV damage. So let’s talk about “12 Best Tanning Body Lotion In India – 2019” that also helps to make your skin glowing and protect your skin.


 12 Best Tanning Body Lotion In India  – Reviews



1. Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

This is specially designed for heavy tanning and it is helpful to the first use is pretty dark, so it is the perfect product for those who want a deep and intense tan all summer long. It enhances the skin’s reaction to the tanning bed lights.  It also contains coloring agents of its own, to basically work as a two-in-one tanning accelerator and self-bronzer. Especially making this product not only the best indoor tanning lotions but also one of the best fake tan lotions around. The skin-tone of your dreams and getting a healthy base to product your pale skin from the harsh summer sun.  it also smells delicious and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.

Rating- 5/4.5


2. Snooki My Beaches Dark Bronzing Lotion

This lotion base contains natural bronzers and if you have tan skin and you are searing a natural tanning lotion, so this is the best choice for you because this lotion is enriched with matcha and aloe vera that not only give you a tanned look but also nurture your skin. Dermatology SkinCare Specialists (SDSS) study shows that 88% of women don’t know the right products for their skin. It helps your skin feel hydrated and gives it a beach glow. This is the best tanning that it also helps to reduce skin redness.

Rating – 5/4.2




3. Devoted Creations #Tanlife Hydrating Tanning Butter

This is specially designed for sensitive skin and it helps to anti-aging, skin-firming effect, reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It is suitable for all types of skin. The butter that is mild and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It is a hydrating formula that gives your skin a sun-kissed tan and a beach glow. It contains shea butter that protects your skin and keeps it hydrated. This is one of the best tanning lotions for your skin. This is a super soft tanning butter that builds and maintains the skin’s natural glow.

Rating – 5/4.5




4. Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Tanning Lotion

Sun bum original moisturizing tanning lotion is a low protection tanning lotion and it is an outdoor tanning lotion on our list. That is perfect for everyday use, especially when the sun isn’t too hot. The solar protection factor ensured by the formula is not that high. This sunscreen lotion is also perfect for the spring and autumn seasons, or for cloudy weather. This lotion is formulated to be a good match even for sensitive skin, and it’s suitable for both adults and children to use. It is hypoallergenic and made with reef-friendly, vegan ingredients that are designed to protect against UVA rays and prevent premature aging.

Rating – 5/4.7




5. Somewhere on a Beach Tanning Lotion

Somewhere on a beach tanning lotion is the best lotion for the beach and outdoor. A moisturizer and a bronzer are amazing product can be used as an intensifier to accelerate the tanning process. The Somewhere on a Beach tanning lotion is buildable, meaning that with continued use your fake tan will intensify into a beautiful bronzed look.  This is tanning lotion is better suited to dark skin shades, but plenty of customer reviews indicate good results for fair skin too.

Rating – 5/4.6




6. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses

This is a really great hydrating lotion but, it also contains safflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter, banana fruit extract, aloe vera, vitamin E, vitamin C, and moisturizing glycerin. The combine all of these great quality ingredients in one lotion and your skin will be bathed in hydration. If you have tattoos, this is the lotion for you and it actually has a tattoo color fade protector that protects your tattoos and also enhances.  That helps to make your skin softening and skin hydrating effect, while the intoxicating fragrance will make you dream of a day in paradise.


Rating – 5/4.5




7. Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tan

Neutrogena build-a-tan gradual sunless lotion that helps you control your shade for a totally natural-looking tan. This moisturizing formula delivers just a hint of color with each application, allowing you to decide how deep and dark you want your sunless tan to be.  You can apply it more often for a deep, dark tan, or less often for a healthy glow. This creamy lotion is clinically proven to provide an even, natural-looking color that starts to develop in two to four hours. This is the best tanning lotion and self-tanner is great for everyday use and dries in just five minutes. Get a sunless tan as individual as you are, with the color you can control.


Rating -5/4.7


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8. Ed Hardy Obnoxious Indoor Tanning Lotion

Ed hardy obnoxious indoor tanning lotion is a bronzing formula that takes tanning to the next level with an extreme sizzling tingle.  This is the best tanning lotion for serious tanners only this formula gets you dark natural hemp seed oil works to moisturize and soften. The skin and mangosteen provide serious antioxidants to help with the aging process.  It’s obnoxious mangos teen rich in antioxidants it helps to combat the aging process. This formula proving immediate reddening and warming to the skin. These vitamins c & e moisturizes and repairs dry and damaged skin.

Rating – 5/4.5

9. Super Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

This is the best lotion for darker and skin tone. Tanning lotion also doubles as a self-acting bronzer. You can build up a natural-look, glowing tan without risking skin damage. This is perfect for people living away from the sun or who are sensitive to sunlight. This lotion helps remove tan skin and gives you beautiful skin without the rays. These are powerful melanin-stimulating ingredients that are blended with the patented Oxygen Regenerating System formula. The complex of ingredients that helps the skin to maintain its youthful appearance and even minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

Rating – 5/4.0



10. New Sunshine Designer Skin Bronzer Tanning Lotion

This is a formula in the bronzer that is luxurious and infused with actual liquid gold, as well as omega 3 acids and hyaluronic acid, which are great moisturizers with an anti-aging effect. The gold which helps give you those unique highlights. This formula is enriched with DHA and erythrulose, which help build upon the tan that already exists in your skin. The bronzer lotion that makes you look amazing, with sun-kissed skin as deeply tanned as you want it to be. You can use it casually all summer to have an out of this world beautiful golden skin, or simply before important events.

Rating – 5/4.3

11. Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Plus Bronzer

The tanning lotion is one of the best to choose for tanning skin. It’s been formulated not only with potent moisturizers but also with natural bronzers that will give you a perfect base tan. It has vitamins A & E both have been long known for their potent moisturizing properties, which prevent drying and keep your skin looking healthy. That helps to repair damaged skin cells and fight signs of aging, thus keeping your skin youthful despite the frequent use of tanning beds or sun exposure. The lotion leaves the skin feeling dry, keeping it soft and giving it a natural golden glow.

Rating – 5/4.5




12. Maui Babe Browning Lotion 8 Ounces

This is the natural Hawaiian formula that helps speed-up the tanning process when bathing outdoors in the natural sun to yield a natural, glowing tan. This is suitable for even the most sensitive and pale-skinned. Browning lotion is the best outdoor tanning lotion for those who find it difficult to pick up a nice color during the summer. This is the best option for tan will help you get a nice color while your SPF protects you from burning.  It also helps to moisturize your skin to ensure it stays silky smooth, making Maui Babe Browning Lotions.

Rating -5/4.4






So these were the”12 Best Tanning Body Lotion In India – 2019 (That Protect Your Skin).” You can try the 12 Best Tanning Body Lotion In India – 2019 and that gives you  All Type Skin Amazing Result Stay Tuned with FashionTalkzWe will keep updating you with  Beauty care products, Health tips, Skincare tips, Makeup tips, health, beauty, fashion,  and lifestyle tips.