Best Perfumes Under 1000 In India For Ladies

Hello!! Beauties, As you know when you’re to going a party, outgoing, occasion, and wedding ceremony, then you dress up very well but without perfume fragrance your look incomplete. A perfume fragrance plays an important role in your personality. A good perfume not only smells good and sensuous but it actually leaves a good and lasting impression on others. So that’s why people wear perfume. In the market so many varieties and brands but which one best for you. A perfume price ranges as they can be really cheap and one can also have extremely expensive ones, but you need to find out good perfume with long-lasting staying with good fragrance in your budget. So now here the list of the ” 10 Best Perfumes Under 1000 In India For Ladies – 2021″.





10 Best Perfumes Under 1000 In India For Ladies – Reviews


1. Yardley London Autumn Bloom Daily Wear Perfume

This is a Yardley London Autumn Bloom Daily Wear Perfume that fragrances are crafted to celebrate the individuality of the woman. It has an Autumn bloom that combines the richness of oriental fragrances with the vibrancy of fresh flowers with a nice fragrance. It is sprayed base perfume with long-lasting as well. This is affordable and really worth it. So enjoy this fragrance in our perfume cologne spray (perfume) with body spray (deodorant) and make your day.

Rating – 5/4.2




2. Revlon Charlie Gold Edt Perfume

This is a Revlon Charlie Gold for women that has a mix of fruity notes like plum, citrusy, peach, apricot long. It also has heart notes of Jasmine, Rose, Muguet, Cinnamon, and Sandalwood with base notes of Cedarwood with Vanilla and Caramel. that comes to really nice fragrance. All women’s perfume lovers who want to purchase under 1000 Rs.budget then its perfect option for you. You need to just apply some on the pulse areas and smell good all day long. This is one of the best selling best perfumes under 1000 in India for ladies – 2021.

Rating – 5/4.5





3. Playboy New Play It Wild W EDT

This is a Playboy Play It Spicy Perfume its packaging of this women’s fragrance is simple. This scent is a mix of oriental with floral notes the composition starts with mandarin, pear, and neroli. It has accords of vanilla, fruity with woody notes make this exotic and sensuous that heart features mandarin blossom orange-cola chord and rhubarb. It is base is built around amber, vanilla, and velvety violet that many women like this product. It is perfect for party, outgoing, and daily use. It has a long-lasting impression that everywomen want a long-lasting staying. So if you searching for a nice fragrance perfume for daily use under 1000 rs then it’s a perfect option for you.

Rating – 5/4.3





4.The Body Shop Body Mist Vanilla

This vanilla-scented body mist is one of its kind of sent sweet fragrance. It has a delicate vanilla scent with warm deeper notes and it is so light on the skin and the smell does not make you feel irritated on your body. This sent describes the fragrance and it is pure vanilla smell with some coconut and coca undertone to it. It is an incredibly sweet smell, reminds me of freshly baked coconut cookies. This sent has some woody smell too and the sweetness reduces a bit this time. Best for winters. If you know it is a lovely feel-good smell. So I suggest it must buy if you’re looking for a light mist with a soothing fragrance and for daily use.

Rating – 5/4.2






5. Biotique Blissful Lavender Perfume

This is a Biotique Blissful Lavender Perfume and it has grapefruit oil, mint oil, neroli oil, IPA, Himalayan water-Q.S. It introducing the profoundly sensual Eau De Toilette from deep ocean waters and fresh lavender, mandarin, marine accords are paired with the deep captivating radiance of Musks. It is an inspiring and seductive rich material that creating a profoundly sensual aromatic unisex fragrance Intense, Seductive and Sensual. It is a woody aromatic fragrance, Fresh Neroli eau de cologne, a provocative blend of citrus and woods. This sent a signature statement of determination and desire for the man who defies convention.

Rating – 5/4.1





6. Skinn by Titan Celeste Perfume

This is a Skinn by Titan Celeste Perfume and it is very modern that has a joyful, feminine fragrance. This perfume Celeste is an intricate mix of spring-like floral fragrances that stay in all day. It is dominant notes are fruity and floral, with a few surprise hints of sandalwood, musk, and patchouli with a light fragrance. This smell is subtle but impactful very good and it is perfect value for money especially for a daily use perfume and it lasts from the morning to the time I get back home from work. So it is the best option for a long stay all day.

Rating – 5/4.4




7. Jovan Black Musk Eau de Cologne

This is a Jovan Black Musk Eau de Cologne and it is a perfume under 1000 rupees in India. This is a sensuous dark musk fragrance for women that perfect scent works with your own body chemistry to enhance your own sensuality. This perfume lot of women would love to sport musky scent during the winters and it is feminine perfume yet sensuous and enticing. Its enchanting floral notes played with the musky notes create a nice fragrance for everyday use and this is the best perfumes under 1000 in India for ladies.

Rating – 5/4.0




8. EMBARK My Passion

This is an EMBARK My Passion perfume that basically made in India. It is long-lasting staying for all day and also for daily us. This sent sophisticated Eau De Parfum to your special collection for its long-lasting smell and good quality. It has the finest essential oils because only the best women’s perfume will do for you and that leaves a lasting impression every time. It is warmly Fragranceenvelopes you and keeping you confident and singing all day. It is perfect for travel-friendly and easy to carry in your handbag for any time you’d need. This perfume fragrance never lets you down sun up to sun down and it perfect for every moment.

Rating – 5/4.1




9. Armaf Tag Her Pour Femme EDP

This is a Paris Elysees La Petite Fleur Blanche Eau de Toilette for Women and it has a Floriental fragrance bursting with attitude. It is made of neroli, pink pepper, and bergamot intertwining with honeysuckle, iris, jasmine, rose and orange blossom, and that fragrance perfect for party, or daily use. Its rich base elements include caramel for a fun gourmand influence.

Rating – 5/4.0




10. Paris Elysees La Petite Fleur Blanche Eau de Toilette for Women

This is a Paris Elysees La Petite Fleur Blanche Eau de Toilette for Women. It has a light fragrance and long-lasting staying for all day. It comes in an elegant gift box with ribbons that perfect for a gift option.