Best Organic Hair Color In India

Hello!! Beauties, As you know hair color is very popular in the trend and everyone wants to apply to hair. But do you know a hair color has so many chemicals that harmful for your hair? If you want to try out different colors on your hair, but the fear of chemicals is restricting you from experimenting with your looks? So you should try probably to go for the Best organic hair colors.  This is the best option for hair, only for hair and bodies too. If you know an Organic color is free of harmful chemicals that may damage your hair and scalp.  The color effectively and produce long-lasting results. It will surely be the best decision of your life. That gives you a different look and beautiful hair. I find out some of the” 10 Best Organic Hair Color In India -2019 You Should Try It Now.” that really good for your hair.


10 Best Organic  Hair Color In India – Reviews


1. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color an organic-based color and it is made by natural, plant-based ingredients with botanical extracts that nourish and protect your hair besides making it vibrant and giving long-lasting color. It is free of ammonia, resorcinol, and parabens. It is specifically formulated for people who want to color their hair healthily and its product available in 29 mixable shades, giving you a variety of colors to choose from. This is kinder to your hair and skin over traditional coloring products. That plant-enriched formula helps maximize shine and color for up to 5 weeks. It provides excellent gray coverage, too. If you really want to apply organic color, you should try it now.

Rating -5/4.8


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2. Natulique Organic Hair Color

This is a Natulique Organic Hair Color and it has a unique formula that includes pure natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, and apricot seed oil. It lends a fabulous, natural look to the hair, with minimal harm done. It is is a professional hair color brand that uses certified organic ingredients that provide more gentle hair color and extra conditioning. It is available in 73 fabulous shades. It is 02% of ingredients derived from natural sources and 100%   Ammonia and  Lauryl Sulfate-free.

Rating – 5/4.8





3. Herbatint Permanent Hair Color Gel

Herbatint Permanent Hair Color Gel is a gel base color. It contains proteins and eight organic herbal extracts, Aloe Vera, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam), Betula Alba (White Birch), Cinchona Calisaya, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Echinacea Angustifolia, Juglans Regia (Walnut), and Rheum Palmatum (Rhubarb). It has extract moisturize, nourishes strengthen, and protects your hair and scalp. If you really searching for an organic color, so this is the best option for you. Herbatint permanent hair color makes your tresses soft, shiny, and beautiful.

Rating – 5/4.5




4Light Mountain Natural Hair  Color

The Light Mountain Natural Hair color is henna-based and it is natural indigo to create different shades, Light Mountain is true to the term organic hair dye. It is different from the usual henna hair dye brands available in the market.  The shade card they offer despite being completely natural. It has used only 3 ingredients in their hair color – 100% certified organically grown Lawsonia Inermis (henna), Indigofera tinctoria (indigo), and cassia Auriculata (senna) leaf powders. I like henna based color, so should try it, because this is the best organic henna based color no harming chemical.

Rating – 5/4.5




5. Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Color 

 This is a Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Color and it is a cream base color.  It is an ammonia and harsh chemicals free color with a unique, patented formula of this hair color. It gives you professional salon-like results besides nourishing your hair thoroughly and covering all grays. If you really like professional salon-like results at home, so you can try this. You can easily apply this color to hair at home. 

Rating – 5/4.7



6. Cultivator Organic Hair Colour

This is a Cultivator Organic Hair Colour that only manufacturers of organic hair color in India. It is specialized in manufacturing organic hair color for women and men that is certified by over 19 certification bodies. This organic hair color Ecocert France and 100% free from chemical ingredients & ammonia. Their many ingredients include Cassia, Indigo, Henna, Aloe, Chamomile, Amla, Ziziphus, Eucalyptus, and Turmeric. It has a natural-based color no harming chemical that suitable for you.

Rating – 5/4.8


7. Logona Natural Herbal Botanical Hair Color

Logona Natural Herbal Botanical Hair Color is a natural base color. The herbal hair color with all their hair color products formulated with ingredients and it is available in 17 individual shades as a powder for mixing or as a ready-to-use cream, suitable for use by men and women both. They contain only natural colorants such as organic henna, ground walnut shells, or indigo leaf and contain no artificial colorants are used. They give you nourishes, volumizes, and strengthens your locks, making them healthy and vibrant. 

Rating – 5/4.6





 8. Joy by Nature Organic Bio color

This is a Joy by Nature Organic Bio color and it has no harming chemical. The natural hair color is prepared from Ayurveda certified ingredients such as Henna, indigo, Brahmi, Catechu, coffee, Bhangra, Madder, Amla, Reetha, Shikakai, Aloe vera, Manjishtha, and Woad. It has 100% natural and zeroes chemical herbal hair coloring formulation. It has a cooling effect on the skin, scalp, and hair.  When you want to natural hair shade that suits those with partial grey hair, white hair, and others who simply want to try a different shade to color their natural hair. So if you really like this color, you can try it.

Rating – 5/4.2


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9. Radico Colour Me Organic Hair Color

This is a  Radico Colour Me Organic Hair Color and it is a Professional hair color manufactured by using Ayurvedic Certified Organic herbs – henna, methi, amla, hibiscus, Bhringraj, coffee, indigo in different proportions. This Color claims to be a 100% natural way to color your hair. It is available in 23 natural shades.  The results of using this product may vary from person to person and the percentage of gray hair. It is a chemical-free hair color that is exactly what you need. This is certified from ECOCERT and is completely safe for all hair types.

Rating – 5/4.3





10. Indus Valley Organically Natural Gel Hair Color


Indus Valley Organically Natural Gel Hair Color is a gel color that contains aloe vera, jojoba, and wheat germ oil which moisturizes and provides shine and volume to hair. This organic hair color has basil, henna, and sunflower oil that prevents dandruff and enhances the natural color of hair. It helps to treat hair and scalp problems while providing for hair color. This is the best organic color and it is available in 12 different shades. It is free of harmful chemicals like PPD, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ammonia, and Barium.  Its natural hair color is suitable for use by both men and women.

Rating – 5/4.0



10 Best Organic Hair Color In India -2019 (You Should Try It Now ) that gives your perfect hair color without any side-effect. Stay tuned with Fashiontalkz